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first things first

start by downloading the latest version from here:

unstable is fine, i hope, but be aware, if it's not then you might want to have the rx/tx ports broken out and ready.

connecting to the thing

once the firmware is loaded, then you will no longer be able to connect to it!!! Just kidding! you can but it doesn't run DHCP on the routers directly, since they are part of a mesh now. you'll need to set your ip to a static ip.. for me i ran this on OSX

sudo ifconfig en1

then i could access the router from the web browser using


under Advanced settings (not basic as we need to set the netmask), enter the following settings:



WiFi Access Point

Edit this one to what ever you like

Mesh Wireless Interface

IP Address:
Wifi Mode: 802.11N-G
Gateway Mode: OFF (not got too far on this one yet)
Encryption: OFF


i've chosen to use the private address space of since i havn't seen many people use it on their private networks, which means we can use all of the following IP addresses for hardware: -

which should be 'nuff for anybody!TM

we'll split it up as follows: ( is for "Mesh Wireless Interface"
  that means we can have 255 * 254 mesh builders or clients! ( is for "Address blocks for clients"
  that means we can use  3 * 255 * 254 or - 

Joining the MESH

Register which ip you have taken by editing this page if you wish to join XCJ-MESH

dont use the first .0.1 or the last .255.255

  • - Paul - Testing/unbrickable
  • - Paul - x2 ram x2 flash
  • - Edward - SD