Mastermind Safe

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Mastermind Safe

Release status: unknown [box doku]

Description A safe with a lock based on Mastermind puzzle
Author(s)  Ricky Ng-Adams, Kevin Chen
  • A safe with a lock based on Mastermind puzzle

Idea / Concept

The Mastermind Safe is a box that has been locked with a randomly generated combination of 4 digits. In order to open the box, a person must heuristically discover the randomly generated code through a guessing game. The safe is a relatively simple and fun intellectual challenge that can be used to deposit and retrieve gifts between geeky friends.

The project is made up of a keypad entry system, a display, a box (the “safe”) and an internal motorized locking mechanism. Our system uses an inexpensive 8-bit controller to handle the game logic. Our goal is to make it as inexpensive as possible by using innovations such as a fully analog keypad.

The project was inspired by the Mastermind board game (see external link below). The original Mastermind is a code-breaking game. One player generates a 4-digit code based on 6 numbers (or colors). The other player must break the code through deduction, based on clues from earlier guesses. If the code-breaker guesses the correct digit in the correct location, he receives a “black” indicator. A correct digit in the wrong location would receive a “white” indicator. The code-breaker has a limited number of guesses to discover the final code.

Basic Concept

* The Mastermind Safe is a locked box, that can be used to “protect” its contents.
* On initialization, the safe will generate a random 4-digit passcode.
* The code-breaker can input guesses through a keypad.
* The Mastermind Safe will return feedback based on the guesses.
* The code-breaker will have a limited number of guesses (or time) before the passcode is reset, and a new passcode is randomly generated.
* When the correct passcode is entered, the safe unlocks itself.

Xinchejian Project Status

  • inactive
  • But would be cool if someone picked it up.

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