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Makers' Hour (aka Makers' Summit, aka Makers' Night)

The goal is to return XinCheJian Open Night to its roots: connecting makers and promoting making.

Who is it for?

Makers with a physical project of some kind (3d printer, robot, IoT, interactive installation).

Participants must have a concrete thing to present (prototype, platform, demo, hardware of some sort).

What form does it take?

  • A roundtable with quick self-introduction to everyone's project
  • Q&A between makers
  • freeform discussions in English and Chinese groups

Who leads it?

  • Staff members of XinCheJian/Xinfab (one English speaker, one Chinese speaker)

When is it?

  • From 8pm to 9pm on Wednesdays, after Open Night
  • Weekly or biweekly (to be announced in the XinCheJian newsletter)

What are the results?

  • Visibility for the participating makers and their projects
  • Shared resources/knowledge (such as microcontrollers platforms used)
  • Documented projects in the wiki
  • Help from XinCheJian

Past meetups

Makers' Hour #2, July 29th 2015

12 participants, projects, including:

  • Arduino interactive game board (Brad)
  • Wireless camera (Aether)
  • Drone building (Miranda)
  • Calligraphy book scanning (Stephan)
  • Motorbike (Wang Jialiang)

Makers' Hour #1, July 15th 2015

  • Wireless camera (Aether)
  • Pet Smart Collar (Tien Zhao)