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A Taobao store is a tremendous task to take on and should not be done "out of the goodness of your heart" it is a job, and you do need to invest quite a bit of time in it especially for customer service.

Store items should be priced following the XinCheJian pricing model and with a direction of trying to get more people into XinCheJian and putting name to a face. Care should be taken to honestly represent XinCheJian, the hackerspace, the community.

Job description

the following list is tasks to be completed to manage the Taobao store for XinCheJian

  • Uploading of product photos and descriptions
  • maintaining store/keeping updated with changes to product availability and pricing
  • Customer service - answering questions, complaints within 24 hours
  • Dealing with logistics - deliveries, defectives, returns, shipments, packaging within 24 hours
  • Keeping track of stock/purchasing more
  • monthly update of accounting, products sold, complaints, feedback
  • "how to use.." and similar debugging questions should not be answered directly but they should be redirected to a page

Compensation Package

  • __% of monthly profit in sales on equipment through the site for managing the store
  • virtual goods such as memberships, workshops will not see a commission, but a convenience fee might be charged.
  • no health insurance
  • no social insurance
  • no hours of operation
  • no reimbursements on internet facilities
  • no reimbursement on phone charges
  • no vacation
  • Maintain a monday -> Sunday position