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If you're interested in running a workshop at Xinchejian, you MUST follow these guidelines. If you don't follow these guidelines, you will NOT be able to give a workshop.


  • Personal Biography (200 words) - Tell us who you are.
  • Project Description (200 words) - Tell us about your project.
  • Picture of your project (min 1024 x 768px) - Need a picture for website
  • Weibo Post (140 characters) - Write a Weibo post to advertise your workshop
  • Weibo Picture (800 x 1600 px) - Need a picture for Weibo

All of this must be submitted to "" 2 WEEKS before the workshop date.

Xinchejian Fees

XinCheJian Funds itself via sponsorships, memberships and workshop fees, this is calculated based on our monthly costs. Currently per person to use the space costs 80rmb/hour, for pricing a workshop we use 80rmb/hour + material fees, the 80rmb per hour is divided half between XinCheJian and half the person running it.

Example: if a workshop is for 4 hours, thats 4x80rmb + material costs, 160rmb would go to XinCheJian and 160rmb would go to the person running the workshop. This is guidance in pricing, ofcourse, we wont say no to more :) the instructor has an opportunity to forfeit their fees.

Xinchejian Staff / Space Manager will help you deal with fee collection.

Examples of Great Workshops

  • Teaching people Arduino
  • Teaching people 3D Printing
  • Teaching people Laser Cutting
  • Teaching people welding
  • etc.

Rules on Topics

  • Please choose a topic that is relevant for the Xinchejian community.
  • Xinchejian Staff ultimately determines which workshops will be approved for the space.

See also

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