Guided tour guidelines

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Projects on the shelves

  • Autonomous robot cars
    • Nelson's Wall-E
    • Other robot cars
    • Talk about roboracing that happens every 2 months
    • Talk about roboracing workshops
  • Edward's Useless machine
  • Mika's LED heart
  • Valentin's Social glass
  • Lutz's insectbot
  • Rockets' sous vide cooker
  • DFR electronic bomb

Machine room

  • Door hack
  • Quick talk about access rules to machine room

Main area

  • Soldering corner
  • Talk about different workshops, events (Wednesday)
  • Talk about membership

Urban farming area

  • Aquaponics with fish tank
  • Aquaponics with foggers
  • Aquaponics with just water circulation
  • Members farming projects (Oder of oregano, DFREcoduino...)

Kits and stuffs for purchase

  • Mitch Alman's kits
  • Nelson's solar charger
  • Arduino Starter kit
  • Other electronics for purchase

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