Features of IR Receiver Module

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The features of IR receiver module. The IR receiver module is a chip that integrate photo-detector,pre-amplifier and demodulator in one package. You should refer the datasheet before using it. The description in this wiki is only typical data. In order to profoundly understand the feature of IR receiver, recommend you to visit http://www.vishay.com/ and read the datasheet and application of Vishay's IR receiver.


According to the control method of gain, there two types: Automatic Gain Controller(AGC) and Fixed Gain 1 Automatic Gain Controller(AGC)

1.1 Typical Diagram

IR Receiver AGC.png

1.2 Application

It is very suitable for remote control application. (not good for communication)

1.3 Description

1) Because it use the output of BPF as the input of AGC, it has the follow characters:
  • When the receiver gets two signals, the more weaker signal will be discarded as environmental noises.
  • When the intensity of signal is increased slowly, the signal will be discarded as environmental noises. e.g. If you remove a obstacle before the receiver slowly, the phenomenon will occur.
  • The more time the receiver receiving continue signal from emitter, the more insensitive it is.
And than when you send repeated signal frame, you should set a Gap between two signal frames, in order to recover the sensitivity of receiver.
IR Receiver SignalGap.png
2) In order to avoid short interference, there is a integrator in chip. So pay attention to:
  • Minimum Burst Length: 12 cycles of carrier.
  • Minimum Length without output: 12 cycles of carrier.
IR Receiver busrtlength.png

1.4 Common Sourcing model in China

VS1383, HS1383

2 Fixed Gain 2.1 Typical Diagram

IR Receiver fixedgain.png
OR IR Receiver ABLC.png

2.2 Application

It is suitable for communication and light barrier application.

2.3 Description

2.3 Common Sourcing Type in China

NJL21H/21V/22H/23H/24H series; recommend NJL21H380A-M,NJL21H400A-M