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Event date: Sunday June 10th Event Time: 9am~13pm

The workshop goal is to have a group of 40 people building robots together as a team work.

Workshop Details

  • The workshop is about building robots like the Chopstick Junior of Lutz.
  • 2 robots will be build by the end of the workshop
  • There will be 40 people divided in 2 teams, the first one will be from 9am to 11am and the second one will be from 11:30am to 13:30pm.
  • The participants are going to be 40 to 60 years old Italians, top insurance sellers, 50% do not speak english and they are all generally not tech savvy.
  • The first team will build the structure, the second team mount the electronics.
  • Each team need to be divided in 2 subgroups. Each subgroup will develop 1 robot.
  • XCJ staff
    • Lutz will be the teaching leader
    • 2 Italian speakers are required from XCJ to assist (Lio and Andrea).
    • They also require a fourth assistant, possibly female (Min Lin).
  • The step by step building instructions will be projected on the wall during the workshop to facilitate the building.
  • The aim of the workshop is to promote team building among the groups and expose them to an innovative tech world.
    • So our workshop do not focus on let them understand how to make a robot working, but to successfully accomplish the mission together.
    • To achieve this we probably want to pre-assemble some parts of the robots, and make the overall process easier, more focused on the team building than on the technological part.

Schedule of the day

  • 8:00 : XCJ staff open and setting up the space
  • 9:00 : team 1 arrive, greetings, coffee, workshop explanation
  • 9:10 : participants divided in subgroups and start building
  • 11:00: end of building time for the team 1
  • 11:30: team 2 arrive, greetings, coffee, workshop explanation to continue the building
  • 11:40 : participants divided in subgroups and start building
  • 13:30: end of building time for the team 2
  • 18:00: the robots will be presented at the Gala dinner, 3 XCJ staffs are required to participate to help out with the robots and give a speech on the ability learnt during the activity. The robots will be an icon of technological achievement and team cooperation in front of some of the most important people at the head of Allianz insurances in Italy.

Information to provide to the customer

  • The instructions for the robot construction (optional Italian translation)
    • All the different tasks that the participants will have to do
  • Name of 2 Italian speaking people
  • Confirmation that during the gala dinner, probably the same day, 3 people of Xinchejian staff will come to help out with the robots and will give a brief summary speech on the ability learnt during the activity (please, the client asked for a women to be there too)
  • A picture of the space set up for the team building activity
    • Notes: Andi is taking some pictures for this
  • The introductory speech that Lutz will make at the beginning (so as we can give it to the group leaders): it will be a summary of XinCheJian, the hackerspaces philosophy and our co-working/shared office and a summary of the workshop
  • Final schedule with exact timing
  • Final price
  • Team building "diploma"


  • Provided by the event organizer
    • An Espresso coffee machine
    • Plastic glasses for the guests