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Assistive Devices

Release status: beta [box doku]

Description Using an Accelerometer as a mouse
Author(s)  Spanner888
Last Version  0.1

Installation & construction - Accelerometer MMA7660 or similar

This page describes everything required, how to connect and configure and if known, how to construct.

This should help you to customise this solution to meet individual needs.


Accelerometer (MMA7660 or similar) controls mouse movements and buttons

Control with: hand, wrist, finger, foot Actions: Point, twist/rotate/tilt, move, jerk, tap/bump Buttons: require software implementation (hardware buttons can be added) Computer control:

BOM and expected costs

BOM = Bill of Materials = everything required for this solution.


Hardware required Accelerometer MMA7660 or similar. Teensy++ 2 or similar - device that appears as USB HID mouse

Note that the costs do not include cost of computer, or any shipping costs.

Computer requirements

Need a computer with a supported operating system from the list below and any listed hardware features.


USB port

Operating system

= NOT TABLE ... linked direct to each from main summary table!!! = Software Download = link/s

for each o/s version


discuss each distribution (base distro &/or gui)?


XP Vista Windows 7 Windows 8 +++ any sub-ver - eg home, prof AND any service pack info ???? get table of ALL from wikipedia or somewhere

Software Installation

= description +++ configuration & basic use

Hardware build and installation

DIY - make it - description..... - eg PCB, BOM (with ~$US - typical range of $ AND RMB if bought in China!!!), schematic, .....

Connecting to computer

= how to connect, PCB, ...... Connections - you do not have to use a Grove style board, or the same wire wire colours. I2C - Teensy++ 2 ** Using GROVE CABLE - eg for MMA7660

 +5v - White
 Gnd - Red
 SCL	Pin 0 (D0) Black
 SDA	Pin 1 (D1) Yellow

First time setup - configuration



Help wanted