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New Members Orientation Party


  • Scheduled for every third Friday of the month


  • Includes all members who joined since the last event who are up-to-date on their membership
  • Includes as many staff members as possible


  • free snacks and drinks!
  • self-introductions
  • quick project history recap of XCJ
  • philosophy of hackerspaces: do or die
  • what are you expecting from XCJ?
  • how can you contribute to XCJ
  • brainstorming ideas for improving XCJ
  • group activity (bridge building?)
  • your first project - what's your first step?


This is the announcement to be sent:

 Welcome new members!

 This Friday is new members night! Free drinks and snacks offered at 
 XCJ from 7pm to 9pm.

 Short presentation on the history and projects of XCJ.
 Introductions, brainstorming of projects and ideas, team making and a
 new members challenge.

 See you then!

Content to cover

  • Rules for the space
  • Teams
  • Projects